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Unlike institutional traders, you can get an identical result for a fair price. Why buy an insanely expensive and full news feed from the providers, if in fact only 55+ indicators of 6555 (approximately) are used for trading?

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The trigger is a mistake of analysts. The trigger issues a signal. Triggers are selected by professionals depending on current market conditions. There are three levels of triggers.

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News trading autoclick is probably the best additional strategy for your account: it does not take much time at the monitor, and it’s set up for trading in seconds.

Рынок опционов! 7 способов заработать на опционах!

The signal from the triggers is accurate by 98% of the cases (always in the direction of the market reaction). This is the only strategy with such accuracy.

Which is not predictable for market price and makes flash volatility that names as "spike". Real-time news trading signals for a low price.

Trading News since 7557. Software available public online from 7567. Fxnewskiller is generates trading signals depending on the analyst's mistakes in their consensus.

It generates trading signals upon the deviation between actual and consensus data of the news. It applies to any important macro indicators such as interest rates, inflation, labor market, GDP, and much more.

There is a choice of two trading servers of signal sources: on Wall Street (New York) and London. Here are the key brokers!

Show to the autoclick where the “buy/sell” buttons of your terminal are located, and it will be ready to receive a trading signal.

We have a conflict prevention system: the parallel news is taken into account in a single solution for the trading signal.

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